Style Guide

Never struggle with outfit ideas ever again!

All too often, Pinterest boards get the best of us and we get tongue tied trying to find the perfect outfit for photos...

However, I have created a guide to greatness after the many inquiries I receive regularly; seeking help for the perfect attire.

If you intend to dress yourself, follow the basic steps below to achieve phenomenal photo solitude when it comes to your session. 

As a family and maternity photographer, I am happy to dress you with items purchased for my client closet. Feel free to contact me to see all of the items I offer.


My best advice is always "Compliment, don't complicate." Stop trying to find perfectly matching hues to create a uniform look for photos. Find outfits that compliment each other, rather than match identically. Try to incorporate 3 colors, OR a pattern with your colors, to keep a continuous flow within each pose. Pick two colors for each parent and then allow your children to dress within a combination of them. This helps create dimension and contrast while tying the photo together.


COLORS TO PICK: Pick colors for the season you are in and what will best match your home! Colors that look excellent when photographed: White, Black, Navy, Maroon, Hunter Green, Sage green, Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange. Muted colors photograph EXCELLENT!

(Example to the right)



The outfits for these are limitless! However, I do advise all female clients to bring at least, 1 floor length gown. Flowy dresses are so beautiful on camera and create so much contrast for your photos. The creativity and dimension that can be created with a flowing gown is limitless. I also feel that a dress shapes a woman's body amazingly and in the end you will enjoy your photos more than a tight pant outfit...

For my guys, keep it casual! I always say if you are not comfortable, WE. CAN. TELL. Ladies, don't stress about your man wearing a tucked in button up, slacks and loafers. If relaxed khakis and a loose button up or V-neck is what he feels the most "normal" in, GO WITH IT! The pictures will look better and he will be happier.

COLORS TO PICK: Blush, White, Black, Navy, Maroon, Red, Emerald Green, Mustard Yellow, Burnt orange, Baby Blue, Mauve, Floral.


This is as simple as pie... WEAR A DRESS!

Maternity sessions are all about showing off that bump! Make sure your dress accentuates your belly and doesn't hide it. The best gowns have lots of movement. Check out a few of my favorite places to order from... Fillyboo, Free People, Jen's Pirate Booty, Showpo. Also, I have several gowns in my client closet available to rent. Message me and I can tell you what I have in your size.

For your spouse, make sure they wear something casual and comfy! Maternity is all about mama and your significant other is just the accessory.

COLORS TO PICK: Neutrals, Earth tones, Muted colors.