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they heard I was good they wanna see if its true...

well look at you... being all inquisitive! 

my name is Jen - had to drop the "ny" because in the south you get too many Forrest Gump impressions when introducing yourself. 

some fun facts about me: I think I am the only person who enjoys being in their thirties. Despite my big personality, I am actually a very small person. It's no surprise that I have a potty mouth and my favorite word starts with the 6th letter of the alphabet - it just amplifies how passionate I am. I love all things art and I am very creative - something I am confident in saying even though I am the worst at taking compliments. I love to travel and will fly anywhere to photograph you!

while you're here, you should know that when you book me, you just signed up for a subscription to your biggest fan. Being a hype girl is kind of my signature and the best part of my job. I want to document all the intimate and REAL moments of your greatest milestones. As I always say "We aren't 1998 prom posing out here".. I just want you to be the most authentic version of yourself with the person you love the most. I am sincerely passionate about couples and maternity sessions and dig deep to make sure your entire experience with me is unique.

oh and p.s. if you don't believe any of my BS, check out what others have to say...


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